Well, what a shock! 

On the 22nd December I was given my diagnosis for breast cancer. I've now had my mastectomy surgery and I'm awaiting the start of chemotherapy. 

The NHS staff have been kind, considerate and caring. 

A charity called The Haven has offered me and my family the most amazing support, and it will carry on for quite a while, apparently. 

Receiving a Cancer diagnosis certainly made me rethink my priorities, and realise just how lucky I am to be offered such wonderful support from my family, friends, the NHS medical team and The Haven group.

Recovery and treatment has slowed down my work process, it will continue to do so probably, for quite a while. However, I'm looking forward to creating as many new items as possible for my store. 

Because of my altered emotions the designs may now evolve into something simpler, more organic and tactile.  

Here is a link to The Haven: